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Free Tax Help

Usually at this time of year, volunteers with United Way of King County are onsite at Tukwila Pantry to help you file your taxes correctly and on time. This year, they can’t quite be onsite, but United Way has the same free tax preparation help available to people in our community!

Go to FreeTaxExperts.org to find resources about how to file your taxes. This year has made taxes difficult for everyone, so get help now!

From Jan. 20–Apr. 18, 2021, trained and IRS-certified tax experts will be available to provide safe, secure and 100% online assistance in filing your taxes. Our experts know all the new tax laws and available credits, including those in the new relief bill, so that they can maximize your return and you can keep more of your money. We can also assist with claiming stimulus check money.

Desde el 20 de enero hasta el 18 de abril de 2021, los expertos tributarios capacitados que cuentan la certificación del Servicio de Impuestos Internos (Internal Revenue Service, IRS) se encontrarán disponibles para brindar asistencia segura, sin riesgos y completamente en línea para declarar sus impuestos. Nuestros expertos conocen todas las nuevas leyes tributarias y los créditos disponibles, incluidos aquellos en el nuevo proyecto de ley de alivio, por lo que pueden maximizar sus ganancias y usted puede conservar más dinero. También podemos ayudar con los reclamos del dinero de los cheques de estímulos.

Laga bilaabo Janaayo 20–abriil. 18, 2021, khubarada tababarka leh oo shahaado ka haysta Internal Revenue Authority (Maamulka Dakhliga Gudaha, IRS) ayaa diyaar u ahaan doona inay ku siiyaan caawimaad badqab leh, amaan ah oo 100% oonleen ah oo ku aadan buuxinta foomamkaaga canshuuraha. Khubaradeenu waxay yaqaanaan dhamaan sharciyada canshuuraha ee cusub iyo canshuur dhaafka aad heli karto, ayna ku jiraan kuwa ku jira sharciga cusub ee gurmadka, si ay heerka ugu sareeya u gaarsiiyaan canshuur celintaada aadna ku ilaashato cadad badan oo lacagtaada kamid ah. Waxaan sidoo kale kaa caawin karnaa sheegashada lacagta jeega kaalmada ah.

Từ ngày 20 tháng 1 – 18 tháng 4 năm 2021, các chuyên gia thuế có trình độ và có chứng nhận của Sở Thuế Vụ (Internal Revenue Services, IRS) sẽ sẵn lòng hỗ trợ quý vị khai thuế an toàn, bảo mật và trực tuyến 100%. Các chuyên gia của chúng tôi nắm được tất cả những điều luật mới về thuế và tín thuế hiện có, kể cả những nội dung có trong dự luật cứu trợ mới, do vậy, họ có thể giúp quý vị tối ưu hóa hồ sơ khai thuế và giữ lại được nhiều tiền hơn. Chúng tôi cũng có thể hỗ trợ yêu cầu cấp tiền trợ cấp kích thích kinh tế.

Enrollment Event!

Be sure to attend the Enrollment Event and Health Fair on December 21 at Showalter Middle School! You will be able to enroll for a health insurance plan, get COVID-19 testing, get your flu vaccine, sign up for and ORCA LIFT card, and more! A great event with a lot of resources – make sure to spread the word!

Tukwila Pantry in the News

Pastor Jan Bolerjack on KUOW

Tukwila Pantry was featured in the news again – this time on KUOW! Check out their great article and radio news story.

KUOW got the chance to talk with our very own Pastor Jan Bolerjack – member of the Tukwila Pantry Board and long-time leader of the Pantry and Riverton Park United Methodist Church. They also got the chance to talk with some of our great volunteers, as well as National Guard members who are serving at the Pantry.

As the article underlines, we definitely need your support. Consider making a donation, volunteering, or spreading the word on social media.

Thank You SeaTac-Tukwila Rotary!

We want to thank the Rotary Club of Seatac-Tukwila for their work in helping the Tukwila Pantry use and operate this refrigerated trailer. Over the course of the ongoing COVID Crisis, this trailer has allowed the Pantry to serve the hundreds of households that have sought our services each week. It has greatly enhanced our ability to store more produce and other food items to distribute. We have used it every day – often filling it to the brim – and we appreciate its continued service here at Tukwila Pantry.

You can learn more about the Rotary Club on their Facebook page.

Tukwila Pantry Featured by TPD

We want to share this great video, shot by the Tukwila Police Department, featuring our operations and organizational needs. You can learn a lot in two minutes twenty-five seconds, especially when Pastor Jan is your narrator!

We really do count on the community’s continued support at the Pantry. Thank you all for your support – both over the years and during this ongoing crisis. You can support the Pantry by volunteering at signing up on our volunteer page, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or by making a financial contribution.

Find more videos from TPD on their YouTube channel.